Poster Submissions 2018

(Alphabetical by lead author)

A Case of Keratoconus Managed with a Soft Toric Contact Lens
Carmen Abesamis-Dichoso

Avoiding Another Corneal Transplant with Scleral Lenses             
Joseph Bryan Ahlborn, Kelly Olson

Limbal anatomy - a Consideration for the Scleral Lens Practitioner            
Lorenzo Anderson, Alan Burns, Sam Hanlon, Jan Bergmanson

Effect of Different Dry Eye Treatments on Inter-Blink Interval and Total Tear Break-up Zones     
Joshua Baker, Kevin Helmuth, Rob Naugle, Balamurali Vasudevan

Ascend to New Heights
Melissa Barnett

Angel Eyes         
Melissa Barnett

Multifocal Scleral Lenses Aren't Just for Regular Corneas, A Successful Multifocal Fit in a Keratoconic Patient
Tristan Barrueco, Eva Duchnowski

Utilization of Scleral Lenses in Combating Exposure Keratopathy Secondary to Iatrogenic Facial Nerve Palsy        
Kriti Bhagat, Ryan Chia

Intra-limbal Gas Permeable Lens Fitting Following Traumatic Corneal Laceration Repair  
Jamie Blavat

Successful Removal of Corneal Keloid with Superficial Keratectomy and Amniotic Membrane Graft
Mary Botelho, Allison Rizzuti, Lloyd Haskes

Quantifying the Shape of Pinguecula to Design Scleral Lens Haptic Vault
K Broos, R Stortelder

Is it amblyopia? How scleral lens aids in determining potential visual acuity          
Franklin Bui

Scleral Contact Lenses Rescue The Cornea After Pterygium Removal      
Emily Cardone, Kriti Bhagat

Resected Iris Tissue + Surgically Induced Irregular Astigmatism Secondary to Open Globe Repair = A Unique Piggyback Combination
Ariel Cerenzie

Corneoscleral Profiles of Keratoconic vs. Normal eyes: Determining the Importance of Scleral Toricity in Fitting Scleral Lenses
Theodore Chow, Jason Jedlicka, Christopher Clark

Fitting Orthokeratology Contact Lenses Using Novel Empirical Fitting Approach

W. Reid Cluff

Are Gas Permeable Lenses Always the Answer? A Case Report in Correcting Retinopathy of Prematurity Combined With Band Keratopathy                
Amy Connor

Treating Ocular Graft versus Host Disease in an 8-year-old Patient with Scleral Lenses    
Gabriella Courey

Tear Film Variability with Contact Lens Use
Taylor Dahms, Julie DeKinder

Finding the Right Balance: A Keratoconus Fitting Challenge after Cataract Surgery
Avani Dave, Stephen P. Byrnes

Type I Boston Keratoprosthesis complicated by uncontrolled exophthalmos       
Jordan Davidner, Amy Watts

Tangible Hydra-Peg Coating Resolves Chronic Front Surface Scleral Lens Deposits In A Patient With Bell's Palsy               
Daniel Deligio

Accurately Predicting Extreme Reverse Geometry Scleral Lens Fit in Post PKP Cases with Corneo-Scleral Topography               
Greg DeNaeyer, Donald Sanders

Co-management of Keratoconus 2-years Post-Crosslinking with Semi-Scleral Lenses      
Elizabeth Escobedo

Elliptical Scleral Lenses in a Case Presenting a Prominent Oval Shape of the Limbus          
Daddi Fadel

Scleral Profile Assessment Using a Slit Lamp and Diagnostic Scleral Lens 
Daddi Fadel

RGP Fitting in Irregular cornea, Which One to Choose?   
Patricia Flores, Norma C. Cárdenas

The Relationship Between Scleral Lens Fitting Strategies and Lens Fitting Experience
Jennifer Fogt, Muriel Schornack, Cherie Nau, Ellen Shorter, Amy Nau, Joseph Barr, Jennifer Harthan

Bifocal Scleral Lenses for Myopia Control in High Myopia and Astigmatism            
Melanie Frogozo, Lavan Lee

Fractal Contact Lenses, New Soft Contact Lenses for Myopia Control       
Walter D. Furlan, 
Óscar Toledano, Rafael Clérigo, Manuel Rodriguez-Vallejo, Juan A.  Monsoriu

Topography Guided Empirical Contact Lens Fitting in Correcting Presbyopia After LASIK
Nick Gidosh

Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency as a Consequence of Chemical Burn and its Management Using a Scleral Lens            
Celia R. Gong

Patch Graft-Induced Corneal Irregularity Treated with a Scleral Lens       
Abigail Graeff, Chantelle Mundy

Correction of Vertical Diplopia using Scleral Contact Lenses         
Lacey Haines

Oblate Scleral Lenses for Intacs, A Case Series   
Jennifer Harthan

SynergEyes UltraHealth Post-Trauma, A Case Report     
Jennifer Harthan, Louise Sclafani

Tear Break-Up Imaging Patterns in Mild-Moderate and Severe Dry Eye Patients               
Kevin Helmuth, Joshua Baker, Robert Naugle, Balamurali Vasudevan

The Relationship Between Manifest Refraction Axis as it Relates to Front Toricity of Scleral Lens Axes    
Sarah Henderson, David Kading

The Impact of Scleral Lenses on Meibomian Gland Atrophy as Compared to Soft Contact Lenses               
Sarah Henderson, David Kading

Corneal Vault and Higher Order Aberrations in Scleral Contact Lenses   
Emma Hendricks, Kiri Rutledge

Mapping the Human Eye with Sclervey: a New Device to Survey the Sclera
Joel Herman, Hermann Wellenstein, David Matthews, Forrest Webler, Kevan Hashemi, Richard Studley

Ten Year Results of Overnight Orthokeratology for Myopia Control
Takahiro Hiraoka, Yasuo Sekine, Takao Ito, Hiroshi Murakami, Tetsuro Oshika

An Exploratory Study On The Use Of Hybrid Contact Lenses For Daily Wear Orthokeratology      
Yuno Iwabuchi

The Use of Scleral Lenses After Pterygium Excision Surgery         
Maria Jen

SPEED Scores Improve in Soft Contact Lens Patients When Using Restasis or Xiidra          
David Kading, Sarah Henderson

The Impact of Orthokeratology Lenses on Meibomian Gland Atrophy    
David Kading, Sarah Henderson

How Age Affects the Relationship Between Corneal And Refractive Astigmatism               
Randy Kojima, Roxanne Achong, Patrick Caroline, Beth Kinoshita, Matt Lampa, Mark Andre, Steve Turpin

Orthokeratology Treatment Zone Size and its Relationship to High Order Aberrations     
Randy Kojima, Steve Turpin, Patrick Caroline, Beth Kinoshita, Matt Lampa, Mark Andre

Comparison of different multipurpose solutions with Scleral lenses         
Mukesh Kumar, Rohit Shetty, Rajesh Kumar

Measurement of Corneal Thickness, Intraocular Pressure and Corneal Biomechanical Properties in Keratoconus after Miniscleral Lens Wear   
Mukesh Kumar, Rohit Shetty, Preeji Mandathara, Rajesh Kumar

Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency Post Systemic Chemotherapy           
Jessica Lam, Daniel Fuller

Epithelial Bullous Edema in a Scleral Lens Wearer with Marfan Syndrome             
Jessica Lam, Daniel Fuller

Prosthetic Device and Specialty Contact Lens Prescribing for Ocular Trauma: A Case Series           
Annie Lee, Dawn Lam, Timothy B. Edrington

Higher vaulting means "worse"
Diego Lopez Alcon, Carmen Fernandez Zapata 

Relationship Between the Stabilization Axis of a Scleral Lens With Toric Peripherals and The Axis of Corneal Astigmatism       
Diego Lopez Alcon, Isabel Castejon Ferre

Bandage Contact Lenses in Patients With Salzmann's Nodular Corneal Degeneration      
Stefano Lorè , Anastasia Rotondi, Francesco Lorè

On-Eye Breakage by Impacting Object of Mini-Scleral Contact Lens Without Compromise for The Ocular Surface 
Rute J Macedo-de-Araujo, Eef van der Worp, Jose M. Gonzalez-Meijome

Practitioner Learning Curve in Fitting Mini-scleral Contact Lenses in Irregular and Regular Corneas using a Fitting Trial                 
Rute J Macedo-de-Araujo, Eef van der Worp, Ana Amorim-de-Sousa, José M. González-Méijome

Bringing Scleral Lenses to Nicaragua: Implementation and Evaluation of the First Scleral Lens Workshop at UNAN - Managua            
Justin Manning, Tony Di Stefano

Tear Film Dynamics Associated with Contact Lens Wear and Changes in Visual Performance and Reported Contact Lens Comfort     
Katie McClure, Dean A. VanNasdale, P. Ewen King-Smith

Avoiding Surgery Needing New Lenses, Not New Corneas              
Patrick McManamon

Using a Custom Prosthetic Tinted Lens to Improve Cosmesis in a Patient with a Boston Keratoprosthesis           
Michael Mendsen, David Libassi

Presence of Endothelial Blebs Related to the Wear of Scleral Lens Wear of Various Clearances   
Langis Michaud, Claude J. Giasson, Josiane Rancourt, Josiane Robillard, Marc Melillo

Relationship between Ocular Sagittal Height and Soft Contact Lens Sagittal Depth to Improve Fitting and Comfort               
Langis Michaud, Camil Tremblay, Sylvie Grégoire, Eef van der Worp, Christian Mertz, James Wolffsohn,

Claude J. Giasson

Accuracy of Ocular Parameters as Assessed with Different Devices         
Langis Michaud, Camille Fodi

Predicting Scleral Trial Lens With the Use of 2 Devices     
Langis Michaud, Clementine Laine

Degenerative Myopia & Keratoconus, Oversight Over Eyesight 
Karen Molina

Challenges of Fitting and Assessing Proper Fit of a Scleral Lens in a Chronic Cannabis User with a Large Diameter Corneal Graft    
Karen Molina, Stefanie Chan

The Effect of Temperature on Refractive and Geometrical Parameters of Daily Disposable Soft Multifocal Contact Lenses
Giancarlo Montani, Susanne Speringer, Jürgen Lamprecht

From the Ground Up, Building a Soft Prosthetic Lens      
Azinda Morrow

Keep Calm and Mudder On, An Impactful Orthokeratology Fit in an Athlete         
Samantha Myers, Kriti Bhagat, Jessica Walter

Scleral Lens Experience in Patients with Keratoconus (SCOPE study)       
Cherie Nau, Jennifer Harthan, Amy Nau, Jennifer Fogt, Muriel Schornack, Ellen Shorter

Advanced considerations in the therapeutic use of scleral lenses for severe ocular surface disease in an immunocompromised host         
Alan Ng, Aysha Hassan, Lisa Prokopich, Luigina Sobara

Highs and Lows: Challenges of Post LASIK Scleral Lenses Fitting with Concurrent Dry Eye Syndrome
Anisha Patel, Zoe Schinas

The Utilization of Rose K2 Post Graft Lenses in the Management of Corneal Ectasia After Posterior Penetrating Keratoplasty     
Forum Patel, Diane E. Calderon, Marina Su

When Options Run Dry - Treatment of Ocular Surface Disease in a Patient With Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome
Pratik Patel, Chantelle Mundy

Non-Pharmacological Intervention for a Neurotrophic Cornea: The Emerging Use of Scleral Lenses in Healing Ocular Surface Disease               
Alyssa Perlman-Hensen

Optical Role of the Tear Film Meniscus With Multifocal Fully Scleral Contact Lenses          
David Pinero, Rafael Clerigo, Ángel Tolosa, María T Caballero, Dolores de Fez, Vicente J Camps​

Spherical Aberration Induction and Depth of Focus With Multifocal Fully Scleral Contact Lenses 
David Pinero, Rafael Clerigo, Ángel Tolosa, María T Caballero, Dolores de Fez, Vicente J Camps

Use of Commercially Available Scleral Lens for Non-Healing Epithelial Defect      
Stephanie Pisano

Patient Satisfaction with Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism Contact Lenses             
Marjorie Rah, Jill Saxon, William T. Reindel

A Clinical Evaluation of Decentered Soft Multifocal Optics             
Stephanie Ramdass, Craig W. Norman, Lindsay McCorkle, Matt Lampa

The Success of Orthokeratology in Correcting Moderate to High Amounts of Myopia       
Stephanie Ramdass, Craig W. Norman

Scleral Curvature in a Young Adult Population     
Renee Reeder, Alexandra Literski, John Meek, Randi Bassik

Corneal Vault and Higher Order Aberrations in Scleral Contact Lenses    
Kiri Rutledge

Visual Outcomes of Scleral Lenses for Corneal Irregularity by Gender     
Angelica Scanzera, Sneha Bontu, Charlotte Joslin, Timothy McMahon, Mark Rosenblatt, Ellen Shorter

When Specialty Lenses Fail to Provide Clear Vision          
Austin Schipper

Orthokeratology, Does a smaller treatment zone induce progressive benefits   
Austin Schipper

Whole In One,  Visual Rehabilitation With A Specialty Soft Contact Lens 
Katherine Schlieper

Patient Experience with Scleral Lenses: Wearing Schedule and Care Regimen     
Muriel Schornack, Cherie Nau,  Jennifer Swingle Fogt, Amy Nau, Jennifer Harthan, Ellen Shorter

Scleral Lens Education Society (SLS) Why Fellowship? Start Your Application Today!         
Scleral Lens Education Society

Scleral Lens Influence on Anterior Corneal Curvature in Eyes of Patients With Keratoconus         
Boris Severinsky, Jenya Davelman

Putting the A+ in Scleral lenses Designed for Asian Contoured Eyes         
Anjali Shah, Kriti Bhagat

The Solution is Occlusion, Use of a Prosthetic Contact Lens in a Patient with Convergence Insufficiency 
Linda Shi, Kirk Halvorson, Jonathon Thomas

Intralimbal Lens Designs for an Elderly Patient with Extensive Corneal Scarring   
Stephanie Sonnenburg

Proposed Method to Eliminate Debris in the Scleral Post-Lens Tear Reservoir: Case Report          
Jeffrey Sonsino, Georgina Reinoso, Randy Teller

Reliability of Manual Keratometry in Peripheral Corneal Shape Assessment        
Frank Spors, Jie Shen

Scleral Lens Fitting (Zenlens) based on Corneo-Scleral measurements using an ESP and an Automated Algorithm                 
Reinier Stortelder, Brian Tompkins, K Patel

Management of Intacs Extrusion             
Beth Summers

Transitioning from Rigid Gas Permeable to Scleral Lenses             
Aaron Tai

Contact Lens Management after a Full Thickness Central Corneal Laceration in a 4 year old          
Kelsey Thomson

Which is Better, Prolate or Oblate Managing Pellucid Marginal Degeneration       
Erin S. Tomiyama, Judith A. Perrigin

Effects of Oxygen Transmissibility of Scleral-lens on Central Corneal Thickness   
Vivien Tse, Bo Tan, Yixiu Zhou, Wing Li, Meng C. Lin

A Dry Topic, Tangible Hydra-PEG Coated Scleral Lenses in the Management of Severe Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca               
Jessica Tu, Jason Jedlicka

Double trouble, Manipulation of vertical heterophoria with non-prism gas permeable lenses     
Jessica Tu

Small Diameter Scleral Lens Wear Affects Intraocular Pressure  
Steve Turpin, Kennedy Antoniuk, Patrick Caroline, Randy Kojima, Beth Kinoshita, Matthew Lampa, Mark André

Soft Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses as a Valuable Alternative in Fitting Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
S. Patel Vadapalli

Contact Lens Options for the Extreme Myope   
Jennifer Vicente, Charlotte Joslin, Timothy McMahon, Angelica Scanzera, Ellen Shorter

Specialty Contact Lens Treatment Modalities in the Management of Non-Comitant Diplopia       
Dominic Villanti, Kriti Bhagat

The Contact Lens' Role in the Management of Pediatric Blepharokeratoconjunctivitis​        
Andrew Vo, Timothy Edrington

Scleral Lenses as a Treatment Option for Corneal Scarring in Children     
Kelly Voltz, Derek Louie

A Curious Case of Contact Lens Deposits              
Jessica Walter, Kriti Bhagat

Young 28 Year Old Female With Count Finger Vision Corrected to 20/25 After 7 Years      
Stephanie Woo

Reverse Geometry Contact Lens Fitting Post Penetrating Keratoplasty   
Catherine Wright, Luigina Sorbara

Ray tracing analysis of ocular system using Zemax OpticStudio
Richard Wu, Gary Mikaelian, Patrick Caroline, Aljetaily Abullah

Orthokeratology and Myopia Control in Twins 
Andrea Yee, Briana Baron, Janice Jurkus

Contact Lens Management of a Post-Penetrating Keratoplasty Patient with Microcornea             
Florencia Yeh

Assisting Ocular Alignment with Contact Lenses
Carol Yu

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