Poster Submissions

(Alphabetical by lead author)

Finite Element Modelling of Soft Contact Lenses on Eye
Ahmed Abass, Lynn White, Steve Jones, Ahmed Elsheikh, John Clamp 

Levelling the Eye to Provide  a More Accurate Ocular Shape for Comparative Analysis and Contact Lens Fitting 
Ahmed Abass, Lynn White, Steve Jones, Ahmed Elsheikh, John Clamp ​

Effect of Correcting Non-Orthogonal Astigmatism in Corneas with Novel Optical System
Ahmed Abass, Lynn White, Steve Jones, Ahmed Elsheikh, John Clamp

The Use of Scleral Lens in Managing Ocular Complications of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Following Penetrating Keratoplasty 
Bita Asghari

Relationship Between Corneal Astigmatism and Corneal Elevation in Orthokeratology   
Laura Bates, Ken Kopp, David Piero, Gonzalo Carracedo 

Over the Hills, Management of Conjunctival Blanching in Pingueculae Using MicroVault
Kriti Bhagat

Myopia Control Trial Endpoints: Analyzing Efficacy
Noel A. Brennan, Xu Cheng

History of Fast Progression is a Risk Factor for Future Fast Progression of Myopia
Noel A. Brennan, Xu Cheng

Fitting a Scleral Lens on a Patient with Severe Ocular Dryness Secondary to 7th Cranial Nerve Palsy using the Eye Profiler 
Anne-Sophie Buteau, Langis Michaud

Postlens Tear Turbidity and Visual Quality after Scleral Lens Wear
Gonzalo Carracedo, Maria Serramito, Candela Rodriguez-Pomar, Alba Martin-Gil, Jesus Carballo, Jesus Pintor

Ocular Surface Temperature Before and After Scleral Lenses in Keratoconus Patients 
Gonzalo Carracedo, Maria Serramito

Multifocal Scleral Lenses: A Newer Player for Presbyopic Correction       
Tiffany Chen, Judith Perrigin

Myopia Progression Varies with the Accommodative Response in Eyes Wearing Myopia Control Soft Contact Lenses
Xu Cheng, Jing Xu, Noel A. Brennan

Abrasive Damage to Contact Lenses by Cotton Swabs
Joseph Chinn,  Jeremy L. Gilbert

Evaluation of the Use of an Automated Photo-Ophthalmic Device (APOD) for Assisting the Fitting of Custom Toric Contact Lenses
Natalie Corey, Alex Levit, Simon Barnard

Treatment Options for Extreme Dry Eye Secondary to Moebius Syndrome, & other Neurotrophic Keratopathies
Emily Crane, Michael Mendsen

Scleral Lenses Provide Improved Vision, Comfort, and Quality of Life to a Patient Struck by Lightning
Brad Cunningham

Surface Coverage with Single vs. Multiple Gaze Surface Topography to Fit Scleral Lens Patients
Greg DeNaeyer, Don Sanders

Assessing the Strength of the HyperBond at the Junction of RGP and SiHy in SynergEyes Hybrid Duette Contact Lens
Trinh Doan, Ekaterina Kolozhvari, Ryan Hernandez, Rosa Lee

Using Corneal Topography to Monitor Corneal Changes Secondary to Acute Hydrops
Leah Ellenberg, Irene Frantzis, Sharon Park Keh

Go Big or Go Home?
Daddi Fadel

Ortho-K: The Future Fitting of Scleral Lenses?   
Daddi Fadel, Cary Herzberg, Claudio Mannu

Contact Lenses to Reduce Photophobia               
Gabriel Fickett, Amy Watts

Fitting Contact Lenses with Special Back Surface in Post-transplant Patient   
Luiz Formentin

Bathing the Desert, Scleral Lenses for a Case of Sjogren's Syndrome Related Dry Eye
Trevor Fosso

Fitting a Prosthetic Scleral Shell in a Patient with Protruding Conjunctival Tissue
Irene Frantzis, Leah Ellenberg, David Libassi

A Novel Method of Fitting Corneal Gas Permeable Lenses Based on Sagittal Depth
Melanie Frogozo

Scleral Lens Treatment of Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca Secondary to Graft-Versus-Host Disease
Melanie Frogozo, William Cluff

Treatment of Horizontal Diplopia with Prism Correction in a Scleral Contact Lens Device
Melanie Frogozo

A Case of Simultaneous Keratoconus and Fuch's Endothelial Dystrophy
John Gialousakis

The Use of Lens Design Software in Orthokeratology and a Comparative Analysis Between Different Programs
Nicholas Gidosh

Hybrid Lens Overuse in Keratoconus leading to Tight Lens Syndrome and Corneal Warpage
Aimee Grimm,  Kriti Bhagat

Scleral Lens Use with a Recurrent Ectasia Following a Posterior Penetrating Keratoplasty for Keratoconus
Steven Gutierrez

Changes in Location of Key Corneal Features in Keratoconic Eyes One Year after Corneal Crosslinking Surgery
Lacey Haines, Kostadinka Bizheva, Hall Chew, David Rootman, Allan Slomovic, Luigina Sorbara

Navigating the Ups with Downs
Laurel Hammang

Scleral Lenses for Correction of Degenerative Myopia in an X-linked Retinitis Pigmentosa Carrier
Brooke Harkness, Shane McDonald, Allison Summers

EyePrintPRO, When All Else Fails For A Challenging Graft and Bleb Eye
Roxana Hemmati, David J. Slater

Residual Higher Order Aberrations Through Scleral Contact Lenses in Keratoconus
Roxana Hemmati, Jason D. Marsack, Raymond A. Applegate, Gareth D. Hastings, L. Chi

Scarring and Neovascularization, The Case for Scleral Lenses
Trish Hernacki

Double Trouble: Monocular Diplopia
Catherine Huang

Off-label Use of Prokera Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane for the Treatment of Ocular Herpes Simplex Keratitis
Jessica Jose, Robert Mack

Management of Conjunctival Prolapse during Scleral Contact Lens Wear in an Ocular Cicatricial Pemphigoid Patient
Eric Kawulok, Muriel Schornack

Corneal Hydrops, An Unexpected Friend in the Scleral Lens Fitting Process of a Keratoconic Patient
Nareh Keshishyan, Jenna Salner

Assessment and Management of Gas Permeable Lens Deposits: A Case Series
Britney Kitamata-Wong,  Joseph G. Vehige, Timothy B. Edrington

The Dual Axis Duel, Who Needs a Dual Axis Lens
Sarah Kochik, Maria Liu

Tinted Contact Lenses for Treatment of Photophobia in a Rod-cone Dystrophy Patient
James Komonik, Ryan Chia, Kriti Bhagat

Does Scleral Lens Wear Influence Intraocular Pressure?
Emily Korszen, Patrick J. Caroline, Matthew Lampa, Beth Kinoshita, Randy Kojima, Eef van der Worp, Mark André

Clearing the fog, Reduced fogging with ocular impression-based EyePrintPRO
Michael Kreuzer, Andrea Lasby

Adventures In Prosthetics - A Contact Lens Approach to Improving Cosmetic Appearance
Jamie Kuhn

No hard feelings: Scleral lens fitting for neurotrophic keratitis secondary to traumatic brain injury
Jamie Kuzniar

BostonSight PROSE - A Great Option for a Complicated Eye
Karen Lee

Helpful Hydrops
Jaclyn Leonhardt

Contact Lens Management of the Cornea Post Hexagonal Keratotomy
Grace Liao, Timothy Edrington

A Case Series on Different Contact Lens Options for Post Radial Keratotomy Patients
Grace Liao, Timothy Edrington

Show Me Your Dimples!
Marichris Lim, Kriti Bhagat, Aimee Grimm

Over the Tip of the Kone
Kimberly-Anne Llamzon, Anthony Favale

Microbial Growth after Cleaning Scleral DMV Device
Anna-Kaye Logan, Judith Perrigin

Livin' on the Edge Profile Part 2
Josh Lotoczky, Chad Rosen

Management of Recurrent Herpes Simplex Keratitis with Scleral Lens over Corneal Transplant
Jesus Martinez, Jan P. G. Bergmanson

Management of Keratoconus in Identical Twins, A Closer Look into Genetics and Treatment Options
Michael Mendsen, Pratik Patel, Eva Duchnowski

Contacts for the Permanently Contracted Contact: Herpes Simplex
Iris Miao

Landing on the Wings of the Pterygia
Iris Miao

Evaluation of Settling Behaviour of Ultra Health Hybrid Contact Lenses Fitted on Keratoconic Eyes
Giancarlo Montani

Evaluation of Different Fitting Procedures Related to a New Soft Contact Lens Indicated for Irregular Corneas
Giancarlo Montani

Reproducibility of SAG values and Scleral Toricity SAG values using a new Corneo-Scleral Topography Unit
Sheila Morrison, Patrick J Caroline, Gregory DeNaeyer, Donald R Sanders

Contact Lens Options for Presbyopic Astigmats
Azinda Morrow, Eva Duchnowski

Designing Toric Scleral Lens to Fit a Highly Astigmatic (-9.00) Patient Utilizing the Eaglet-Eye ESP Technology
John Mulay, Keith Parker

Effects of Corneal Cross-Linking on Corneal Volume in Keratoconic Patients
Alan Ng, Lacey Haines, Luigina Sorbara

Microvault for a Macro Effect,  Scleral lenses on a Patient with Post LASIK Ectasia and Pingueculae
Thuy-Lan Nguyen, Kaily Tschantz 

Exploring Variability in Toric Soft Contact Lens Performance Throughout a Day’s Wear
Giovanna Olivares, Kieron Mathews

Quick and Successful Fitting of Scleral Lenses on a Patient with Past Radial Keratotomy and Lasik Procedures
Jennifer Page

Utilization of Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler in Scleral Angle Evaluation
Keith Parker, David J. Slater, Derik M. Bugno

Management of Diplopia with Soft Prosthetic Contact Lenses 
Pratik Patel, Michael Mendsen, Emily Crane, Eva Duchnowski, David Libassi

Fitting a Microcornea, Utilizing the Reverse Curve
Priya Patel

Distortion Correction for Anterior Segment OCTs: CASIA Swept Source OCT vs Visante Time Domain OCT
Rajini Peguda, Vinod Maseedupally, Pauline Kang, Helen Swarbrick

Treatment with the PROSE device for Ocular Surface Disease Secondary to Graft-versus-Host Disease
Prathik Philip

A Case of Pediatric HSV Keratitis, Challenges to Management and Vision Correction
Alexandra Piper, Renee Reeder

Phlyctenule Gone Rogue
Steven Plaxco

Sagittal Height Analysis of Scleral Lenses using new Metrology
Stephanie Ramdass,  Ben Coldrick, Colin Richards, Craig Norman

Improved Scleral Lens Performance with a New Design for Asian Eyes
Renee Reeder

The "Cure" that wasn't 
Renee Reeder

Improving Contact Lens Fit and Patient Retention with the  Xcel Extreme H2O Daily Contact Lens
 Jerry Robben

Benefits of a Corneo Scleral vs a Scleral Design in a Case of Conjunctival Prolapse
Patricia Flores Rodriguez, Hugo Legaria

Using an Asymmetrical Lens Design for a Patient with Pterygium
Patricia Flores Rodriguez

Vaulting the Irregularity 
Michelle Sandler

Utilizing Corneal and Scleral Topography to Aid in Predicting Scleral Toricity for the Purpose of Fitting Scleral Lenses
Sara Siebert,  Jason Jedlicka

Do Scleral Lenses Suck??    
Felicia Slate, Josh T. Lotoczky

Corneal Wavefront Aberrations in Multifocal Soft Lenses Compared to Orthokeratology
Frank Spors, Dorcas Tsang 

Predictive Fitting Success Rates for Soft Lens Designs     
Reinier Stortelder, Mercedes Burgos-Martinez

Fitting Performance and Efficiency with a New Silicone Hydrogel Daily Disposable Toric Contact Lens
Benjamin Straker, Giovanna Olivares, Anna Sulley

I Can See Clearly Now, My Vault is Lower
Anthony Swanholm, Josh T. Lotoczky, Austin Schipper, Madeleine Hacker, Curtis Finch

Clinical Impact of Day-One Removal of Orthokeratology Contact Lenses
Anthony Swanholm, Stephanie Ramdass, Craig Norman

Hybrids vs. Semisclerals in the Correction of Middle Stage Keratoconus
Tamás Tönköl

Sclerals and Piggyback in the Treatment of Corneal Scars of Keratoconus
Tamás Tönköl

Scleral lens fitting on a Post-Graft condition, a refractive challenge
Marco Tovaglia

Aberration correction with Scleral lenses in Keratoconus and Penetrating Keratoplasty
Marco Tovaglia

Balancing Sight and Safety with a Non-compliant Specialty Lens Patient
Kelly Voltz, Eva Duchnowski, David Libassi, Sharon Park

Use of a Keratoconic Lens Design in a 9 year old After Penetrating Trauma
Alexandra Williamson

Comparison of Scleral Shape in Asian Eyes vs Caucasian Eyes
Richard Wu, John Clamp, Patrick Caroline

Tinting Lenses for Cone-Rod Dystrophy
Florencia Yeh, Christina Esposito

Survey of Scleral Lens Prescribing Trends and Complications
Debby Yeung, Luigina Sorbara


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