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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pre-Conference Educational Tracks

Myopia Management in 2017

Myopia Control: Methods and Treatments for Myopia Management Today                             
Paul Gifford

Getting the Most out of Topography Measurements when Fitting Ortho-k
Randy Kojima

Fitting the Ortho K Lens, Your Primer for Success
Paul Levine, Tom Weshefsky

Tips and Tricks to Incorporating Ortho-k into your Practice
Tom Weshefsky, Paul Levine

Building Your Specialty Contact Lens Practice

Clinical Case Management In The ICD-10 Era: Contact Lenses
John Rumpakis

Contemporary Concepts in the Diagnosis and Management of Keratoconus and Corneal Ectasia    

Keratoconus – What we now know about the Disease, Primary Care Diagnosis, CLEK Study Outcomes 
Joseph T. Barr, Andrew S. Morgenstern, Clark Chang 

Advanced Technologies in the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Keratoconus
S. Barry Eiden, William J. Tullo, Clark Chang

Optical Management of Keratoconus, Contact Lenses and Otherwise
Clark Chang, S. Barry Eiden,  Joseph T. Barr

Medical, Surgical, and CL Management of Keratoconus Current and Future                                 
William J. Tullo, Andrew S. Morgenstern, Clark Chang, S. Barry Eiden

How Do I Use Scleral Lenses in My Practice?

Modern Scleral Lenses – Indications, Care, Handling and Problem Solving for Ocular Surface Disease
Melissa Barnett, Pam Satjawatcharaphong

Fitting and Troubleshooting Scleral Lenses  Part 1
Stephanie Woo, Michael Lipson, Langis Michaud

Fitting and Troubleshooting Scleral Lenses  Part 2
Stephanie Woo, Michael Lipson, Langis Michaud

Scleral Lens Publication Update
Mindy Toabe, Muriel Schornack

Session #1 One-hour CE Courses

Cosmetic Tinted Contact Lenses for Normal, Damaged and Disfigured Eyes
Stephanie Fromstein, Stephanie Ramdass

Fitting Specialty Contact Lenses Based on Corneal Topography
Randy Kojima

The Psychology of Scleral Lens Fitting
Melissa Barnett, Lynette Johns

Social Media Marketing for the Specialty Lens Practice
Jason E. Compton

Presbyopic Contact Lens Patient Management and Troubleshooting 
Stephanie Woo, Maria Walker

Today's Instrumentation for Specialty Lens Fitting
S. Barry Eiden


Session #2 One-hour CE Courses

Correction of Optical Aberration in Keratoconus with Custom Wavefront-Guided CLs
Jason Marsack

What's New in Lens Care?
Michael A. Ward

Lamellar Corneal Surgery - Procedures and Contact Lens Implications with Contact Lenses
Loretta Szczotka-Flynn

Specialty Contact Use in the Military
C. Kelly Olson

Techniques for Measuring Scleral Shape
Langis Michaud

Hybrid Lens Strategies for Normal and Abnormal Corneal and Refractive Errors
Giancarlo Montani


Friday, January 27, 2017

Session #3 Scleral lenses: What Do We Do When the Fit is Not as Expected?

Moderator: Patrick J. Caroline

Changes in the Anterior Eye Morphology Following Short Term Mini-Scleral Contact Lens Wear
Scott A. Read

Post Lens Tear Fogging: How Do We Resolve This?

Jason Jedlicka

The Optics of Scleral Lenses
Jason Marsack

Slick Options for the Scleral Lens Surface
Melissa Barnett

Elevation Specific Technology
Christine Sindt

Scleral Lenses in Current Ophthalmic Practice Update: A Evaluation (SCOPE) Survey
Muriel M. Schornack

Session #4 New Technologies in Contact Lenses

Moderator: Joseph T. Barr

Joseph T. Barr

New Technologies in Contact Lenses
Jerry Legerton

FDA Approved Contact Lens Sensor System
David Bailey

Session #5   Contact Lenses and Presbyopia - Can we Overcome the Challenges?

Moderator: Edward Bennett

Opportunities for Specialty Contact Lenses in the Multifocal Market
James Wolffson

Clinical Pearls in Fitting and Evaluating Multifocal Contact Lenses
Stephanie Woo

Scleral Lens Multifocals: the answer to comfort and vision issues?
Craig W. Norman

Session #6 One-hour CE Courses

Building a Scleral Lens Specialty Practice
Tom Arnold

Social Media Marketing for the Specialty Lens Practice
Jason E. Compton

Clinical Myopia Control in Practice
Kate Gifford, Paul Gifford

Cosmetic Tinted Contact Lenses for Normal, Damaged and Disfigured Eyes
Stephanie Fromstein, Stephanie Ramdass

Today's Instrumentation for Specialty Lens Fitting
S. Barry Eiden

Clinical Indications for Custom Soft Lenses
Patrick J. Caroline


Session #7 Survival of the Fitting: Moving Beyond Base Curve with Soft Lenses

Moderator: Eef van der Worp

The (Lost) Art of Soft Lens Fitting
Eef van der Worp

New Technology, Ocular Surface Shape and Ocular Parameters
Scott A. Read

How do we Best Fit Soft Contact Lenses?
James Wolffsohn

Session #8a  Free Papers

Moderator:  Korine van Dijk

FP 1: Contact lens Fitting after Corneal Cross-linking for Keratoconus: A Comparative Study
Boris Severinsky

FP 2: Corneo-Scleral Topography Coverage and Reproducibility for Scleral Lens Patients 
Greg DeNaeyer

FP 4: Axial Length in Overnight Corneal Reshaping Patients, Large Case Series 
Michael J. Lipson

FP 5: Is Your Myopia Control Strategy Just OK? 
Langis Michaud


Session #8b One-hour CE Courses            

What's New in Lens Care?
Michael A. Ward

Presbyopic Contact Lens Patient Management and Troubleshooting
Stephanie Woo, Maria Walker

Fitting Specialty Contact Lenses Based on Corneal Topography
Randy Kojima

How to Culture the Contact Lens Patient
Christine Sindt, Tressa Larson


Session #9 Irregular Cornea Case Histories and Problem-solving   

Moderator: Lynette Johns

Pre-Mature Determination to go with Air-Ventilated Scleral Design for PKP
Karen Carrasquillo

Managing Corneal Nodules
Jason Jedlicka

Post –Rk Fitting Challenges
Langis Michaud

Atopy, Keratoconus and Contact Lenses
Loretta Szczotka-Flynn

Session #10 Myopia Control Panel

Moderator: Kate Gifford

Global Trends in Myopia Management Attitudes and Strategies in Clinical Practice
James Wolffsohn

The Myopia Profile
Kate Gifford

Light Exposure and Myopia
Scott A. Read

Developing a Myopia Control Clinic 
Maria Liu

US FDA Regulatory Considerations for Myopia Control Contact Lenses 
Bret Andre

Session #11 Corneal Surgeries - today and tomorrow

Corneal Surgeries
Korine van Dijk


Session #12 What’s new, what’s different – A Clinical and Research Perspective of Dry Eye and Contact Lens Wear

A Clinical and Research Perspective of Dry Eye and Contact Lens Wear
David Kading, Andrew Pucker

Session #13  Free Papers                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Moderator: Craig W.Norman

FP 6: Designing a Scleral Contact Lens with Four Concentric Zones
Jennifer Fogt

FP 7: Average Sim-K versus 5mm Zone-K as a Predictor of the Final Base Curve of Rose K Contact Lenses in Keratoconus
Maheswari Srinivasan

FP 8: Realistic Images of 3D Scenes as Seen Through Multifocal Lenses
Jim Schwiegerling

FP 9: Controlling Myopia Progression through Simulated OK Optical Designs in Soft Contact Lenses
Xu Cheng

FP 10: Do the Base Curve Values on Lens Packaging Represent the Actual Contact Lens Back Surface Shape?
Giancarlo Montani


Session #14 An International Perspective on the Future of Soft Lens Fitting

Moderator: Eef van der Worp

How Do We Know A Soft Lens Fits Well?
Eef van der Worp

To Visualize Soft Lens Design & Improve Fit
Giancarlo Montani, DOptom

Corneal Warpage Underneath Soft Lenses
Scott A. Read

Analysing Soft Lens Fit
James Wolffsohn

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